Digital Smile Design

Digital Smile Design (DSD) is a revolutionary tool which designs and creates healthy smiles that are completely tailored to your individual treatment requirements, facial structure and needs.

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We are an official DSD clinic

At Angel Dental Care, we couldn’t be more proud to say that we are officially a DSD clinic with Dr. Minal Patil specialising and offering this life-changing treatment for her patients. With Digital Smile design, we know your new smile is created for you, not anybody else. The digital software and technology we use considers your facial features, personality and goals to create a smile that is tailored completely to you. Being a DSD clinic is the gold standard guarantee of our knowledge and training in modern dentistry.

How can Digital Smile Design benefit me?

When you are considering a smile transformation, it is so important to understand how and what we need to do to reach your smile goals. You can’t build something without first assessing, designing and planning ahead, Digital Smile Design takes the guesswork out of dental treatment and gives you a preview of your smile before treatment even begins.

Digital Smile Design can help you achieve

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A more natural, brighter smile

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Straighter, more aligned teeth

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Less crowded teeth

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Teeth that are balanced in size and shape

Facially Driven Dentistry

Facially Driven Dentistry

It might sound cliche but no two smiles are the same and nor do we want them to be. Our facial structures, profiles, jawlines and bites, facial expressions make us who we are and that’s why the best smile is the one that designed specifically for you.

Our smiles change as we talk, laugh, smile and rest, that’s why taking photos, videos and x-rays allows us to digitise your smile and get a full understanding of what your new smile could look like before we even begin.

The Digital Smile Design software we use provides a full smile analysis allowing us to customise each tooth to not only create a beautiful smile but a strong and healthy one too.

Emotional Dentistry

We see firsthand the impact a smile can have on our patients by the emotions that come when they see their smiles for the first time. We know for some, the very thought of opening your mouth and showing your teeth causes extreme discomfort and anxiety and can really affect the way you show up and interact with others.

DSD allows us to create a smile that reflects who you are by using shape, proportion and symmetry in the design process. The digital software we use allows us to tweak your smile digitally until it is right for you.

We know the fear of the unknown can hold so many people back from cosmetic treatment plans and DSD completely alleviates this by preparing you for what’s involved and how we will get you to your end result.

What’s held you back from achieving the smile you’ve always wanted?

Are you?

  • Worried you’ll end up with an unnatural fake looking smile?
  • Not sure of what it will take to reach your smile goals?
  • Scared of how uncomfortable or painful treatment may be?
  • Not sure if a new smile will give you confidence?
Imagine knowing exactly what your smile will look like, what degrees teeth need to be aligned to, the ideal shape and length of teeth you need, the best treatment plan for your smile goals and how your new smile will change your appearance all before beginning the work.

This is the power of DSD and we couldn’t be prouder to offer this exclusive tool to our patients.

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What’s the process?

We work with you to understand exactly what it is you want to achieve. We then take photos, videos of you talking and smiling from different angles, x-rays and moulds of your mouth. We have a digital library of smiles to give you examples of what the results might look like on you.

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Test Drive your Smile

You wouldn’t purchase a new car without taking it for a spin so why should your smile be any different?

This world first offering allows patients to trial their future smiles before undergoing any treatment plan. It’s only by seeing and feeling your new smile that you can truly understand the emotional and life changing confidence this investment is going to have on you.

Are you ready to create the blueprint for your new smile?

Book your complimentary consultation to learn more about how Digital Smile Design is revolutionising modern dentistry and give you the full analysis of not only achieving a great smile now, but one that will last a lifetime.

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