Meet Lien

Our Oral Hygiene Therapist

Lien Nguyen

Lien Nguyen


What do you do at Angel Care?

I am the smiling face that first welcomes patients as they walk in. I make sure the practice runs smoothly and assist in making sure that our patients are well cared for. I help create a positive happy atmosphere for both patients and my co-workers.

What’s your favourite part of your job?

ALWAYS meeting new people. I love being able to help people.

Describe yourself in 5 words

I am a very busy single mother of 3, with a very dry sense of humor. I am empathetic, patient and personable……….I think lol

Favourite Cocktail

Its not a cocktail but I do LOVE Tequila

Tea or Coffee?

Being ½ British my answer will always be tea

Best celeb smile

I Like a cheeky smile, so George Clooney, Ryan Reynolds

Meet the team

Led by our Principal Dentist, Dr. Minal Patil, our team truly cares about our patients and wants the best outcome for them. What sets us apart is the environment we’ve created to deliver the best possible dentistry experience in a gentle, friendly, and caring environment.

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